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Real Estate Investment


We specialise in sourcing real estate investment opportunities for individuals, investment companies, private equity funds and other investment groups across all asset groups.

Development Opportunities


Our wide network of contacts ensures that we have access to "off market" deals across the United Kingdom. Please contact us with your specific requirements, or alternatively with any "off market" investment or development opportunities.

Cost Management


We understand the need to provide accurate cost management advice ensuring a development or investment is economically viable to maximise returns for both developers and investors, advising clients on cost planning, cost control and procurement.

Corporate Recovery


Acting on behalf of insolvency practitioners, we review distressed construction businesses and provide advice on the value of contract work in progress, debtors and retentions. Our expertise helps maximise debtor realisations in a distressed scenario.


Fund Monitoring


We have extensive experience acting on behalf of a variety of funders from niche property funders and high street banks to private equity investors advising on initial development viability and monitoring the projects ongoing performance. 


Contract Solutions


We believe it is of primary importance to minimise client risks at all times. We have a wealth of experience in drafting, advising on and negotiating amendments on all standard forms of construction contracts, bespoke contracts and professional appointment documentation.

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